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Culture Days 2016

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Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
2 – 4 pm

The Finlandia Hall
314 Bay Street

Come and join us in a celebration of Song, Dance, Music and Food

Performances by: Oras Chamber Choir, Pelimanni Orchestra, Kiikurit Folk Dancers, Kai Leinonen and Marita Jamsa.

Join us for Mojaka!

Family Fun for Everyone!


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The Finlandia August 2016 Volume 1, Number 3

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Members of the Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay

6pm to 8pm

Finlandia Hall
314 Bay Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario

“…This meeting is so the membership has the opportunity to get answers from the current Finlandia Association Board to a series of questions about the management of the Association…”

NOTE: To ensure that any and all questions of the membership are answered, please submit your signed questions by Friday, September 23, 2016, to the Cashier at the Hoito Restaurant or to the FATB Secretary at

Questions sent anonymously will not be considered.

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Tapiola Sports Park – 2016-2017


Cross Country Ski Membership

  • Adult 18 to 64yr – $100
    After Sept 30 – $110
  • Children 5 to 17yr – $75,
    After Sept 30 – $80
    (Kids under 5yr free with an adult with a membership)
  • Seniors (over 65yr) -$75,
    After Sept 30 -$80
  • Family memberships are also available for a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) for $225,
    After September 30 – $230
    Additional children can be added to the family pass for $25.

Please see the cashier at the Hoito to purchase your membership.

Tapioloa FacebookFind Tapiola Sports Park on Facebook

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The Finlandia June 2016 Volume 1, Number 2

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Director Update

We are sorry to report that three of our Board members have resigned. Michel Beaulieu, Ron Harpelle and Nathan Hatton, have decided to pursue other activities. We wish them well in the future, and thank them for their contributions.
Pirjo Einola has graciously accepted the position of Vice President.
The Board will continue to operate with the remaining 10 members.

President – Bruce Krupp
Vice President – Pirjo Einola
Treasurer – Eila MacLean
Secretary – Donna Gardiner
Past President – Ray Wataja
President, The Hoito – Cindy Salo
Vice President , The Hoito – Paula Haapanen
Mauri Ahokas
Anja Erwin
Erik Riekko

New Website

We have a new website thanks to the hard work and computer know-how of Kalle Kauranen! This site will be updated regularly with information on upcoming events, goings-on at the hall, and general information for our members. Please send us photos you would like be added to the gallery.
All board members, the Hoito Manager and Tapiola Park each have a new email address, so feel free to contact them directly with questions or concerns. To contact a board member, their email address will be their first name (lower case), then the email address For example, Bruce Krupp is
Tapiola Park
Hoito Manager

Hoito Menu Update

The new menu was introduced at the Hoito Restaurant earlier this month, and we are receiving very positive feedback from customers. There are still issues to resolve with the menu but we are working hard to get things on track.
You can preview the new menu on the website but please stop by and check it out!
Customer survey cards have been distributed in the restaurant for the past month, and results are being tabulated now. There were many more breakfast results than lunch or dinner, so we have asked the servers to distribute the surveys to the afternoon and evening guests so we have a balanced representation.
And, a new 4’ x 4’ chalk board will soon be hung on the Algoma Street wall so the daily specials and menu options will be easy to read.
We thank you for your continued patronage during this transition period.

Finn Fest 2016

Finn Fest 2016 was a great success, and many, many thanks go to the organizing committee for their hard work. It takes much hard work and many hours to organize such a big event, so please give the organizing committee and the volunteers a round of applause!

Mother Nature put on a great show Saturday so many activities were moved indoors, but she brought the sunshine on Sunday to Tapiola Park.

We thank everybody for attending.

Friends of the Finlandia

There are many events throughout the year that cannot take place without the help of volunteers. We thought of setting up a group where members of the community, the neighbourhood and partner and affiliate groups could sign up as “Friends of the Finlandia” to find information on when and where they could volunteer. Our current mailing list is fairly short, but we know there are so many more of you who would enjoy lending a hand and joining in on.

Pirjo and Kalle will be setting up links on Facebook and on for those of you who would like to sign up.
Murillo Country Fair

We have a fundraising opportunity this month to showcase the Hoito’s great Finnish pancakes! On August 18, 19 and 20th, in partnership with Bay Meats Butcher Shop, we will be serving up our delicious Finnish pancakes, breakfast sausages and ham to hungry campers, rodeo participants and fair guests from 7am to 11am. If we have lots of volunteers, we can extend our hours to later in the day as well.

Volunteers are needed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening to cook pancakes at the Hoito, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings to serve food and do cleanup duties. It’s a great chance for us to generate some funds, and it’s a great chance for you to check out all of the rodeo activities.

Please contact any board member if you can help.

Upcoming Events

August 3 – Meeting of the Board of Directors

August 4 – Tapiola Ski Memberships available for sale

August 17 – Meeting of the Board of Directors

August 18 – Finnish Friendship & War Veterans Picnic at Tapiola Park

October 2 – Thunder Bay’s 7th Annual Culture Days with local Finnish entertainers, a Mojakka Cook Off and other activities

October 10 – Ora Choir from Finland

October 19 – Member Appreciation Evening

October 28 to 30 – Haunted Forest at Tapiola Park

PDF Version: The Finlandia August 2016 Vol 1 Number 2

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The Finlandia June 2016 Volume 1, Number 1

Category : Newsletters

New Board of Directors

A new Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay. A huge ‘thank you’ to the outgoing board members, and a ‘welcome’ to the new board!

President – Bruce Krupp
Vice President – Michel Beaulieu
Treasurer – Eila McLean
Secretary – Donna Gardiner
President, The Hoito – Cindy Salo
Vice President , The Hoito – Paula Haapanen
Past President – Ray Wataja
Mauri Ahokas
Pirjo Einola
Anja Erwin
Nathan Hatton
Eric Riekko

All of us have been busy since the election reviewing financial statements, understanding the restaurant operations, getting up to speed on important issues and getting to know each other. There are many important issues that are facing the members of the FATB, and we would like your feedback on the priority items.
Issues we face include:
Financial Stability
Membership Growth
Revenue Sources
Building & Capital Improvements
Tapiola Park
Cultural Awareness & Heritage

We will be announcing a Member Appreciation Evening sometime in October where we can meet and discuss concerns.

Hoito Menu Update

Cindy, Paula and Eila have been busy analyzing The Hoito’s financial results and performance indicators, and have made a decision to modernize the menu.
You will notice a new menu that highlights the traditional Finnish foods we so much enjoy.
Tourists often have The Hoito on their ‘must see’ list, as important as a visit to Kakabeka Falls or the Sleeping Giant. The new menu will tempt them with other Finnish delicacies, such as Finnish pancakes with strawberries, open-faced saltfish sandwiches, beet and herring salad, and meatballs with lingonberry sauce. The dinner menu will change daily, offering a variety to diners and to the staff.
Our goal is to have more local and seasonal items on the menu—plump tomatoes, new potatoes and just-dug vegetables.
Please let us know what you think!

Finn Fest 2016

The 2016 Finnish Canadian Grand Festival will begin on Friday, June 24th at 4pm at the historic Finnish Labour Temple, known internationally for The Hoito restaurant.

In the opening ceremonies, local Canadian performers will be joined by the Kivajat Finnish American Dance Group. Throughout the weekend, festival goers will enjoy a variety of activities at the Finlandia Hall, Tapiola Park, Waverly Resource Library, Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel and the Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship Church.

Evening dances will be held, with performances by Pelimanni Orchestra, 21 Gun Fun, Quest and Conga Se Menne. Activities explore several aspects of Finnish culture, including dance and musical performances, fashion shows, films and lectures, arts and crafts exhibits, Finnish games and a Nordic walk.

A special dinner with the Finnish Ambassador is planned for Saturday evening at the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel. Tickets are $60 each, and available by contacting anybody on the Finn Fest 2016 committee.

On Sunday, the activities continue at Tapiola Park, featuring family friendly activities, on-stage entertainment and even a wife-carrying contest!

Registration for the entire weekend is $15, although other charges may apply to some events.

For a complete list of Finn Fest 2016 events, please visit:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Website Changes

One of the comments we have struggled with is the disappearance of The Finlandia and The Hoito websites. To that end, we are making progress on a new website, web page and update our email addresses to ensure consistency in our online presence and messaging.

Please bear with us while we get this sorted out!

We hope you enjoy the changes that are in the works, and we hope to meet you at the General Meeting in July!


the Board of Directors

PDF Version: The Finlandia June 2016

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Tervetuloa Welcome!

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Welcome to the new site for the Finnish Labour Temple and Hoito Restaurant.